Simple Approaches for Constructing Metallic Nanoarrays on a Solid Surface

  • Hidenobu Nakao
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This chapter concerns simple experimental approaches for constructing metallic nanoarrays on a solid surface for applications to miniaturized optical devices, sensors, and single-molecule detection. Simple interface (air-liquid) moving leads to the controlled formation of one-dimensional (1D) nanoarrays of DNA or its nanofiber without special equipment. The assembly of metallic nanoparticles onto DNA can be driven by electrostatic binding of gold nanoparticles with positive charges, leading the formation of 1D metallic nanoarrays. Specially, a method based on the process of evaporation-induced self-assembly with DNA and drying front movement leads to highly aligned 1D metallic nanoarrays with a longer scale. Higher anisotropic coupling of localized plasmon is observed in the arrays when the light is polarized parallel to the arrays, indicating a uniaxial alignment of Au nanoparticles along the arrays. Finally, the fabrication and patterning of metallic nanoarrays achieved with transfer-printing techniques are described.


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The author is grateful for all the contributions from their collaborators, with special thanks to Dr. H. Hayashi (Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute), Prof. H. Shiigi (Osaka Prefecture University), Mr. H. Karasawa, and Prof. F. Iwata (Shizuoka University). The author thanks Dr. H. T. Miyazaki (National Institute for Materials Science), Dr. S. Sugiyama, and Dr. T. Ohtani (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization) for the many most useful and inspiring scientific discussions. Financial support for these studies was provided by Iketani Science and Technology Foundation and Grants-in-Aid for Basic Sciences from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture, Japan (No. 18710106, No. 18310089 and No. 22550136).


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