Growth and Electro-Magneto-Optics of Oxide Quantum Structures Based on ZnO

  • Hiroaki Matsui
  • Hitoshi Tabata
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This chapter represents growth of ZnO quantum nanostructures controlled at nano scale and its electro-magneto-optical characteristics. Multiple-quantum wells with isotropic and anisotropic structures are designed on the basis of polarity character of ZnO, which provide interesting light emissions and low-temperature electron transport. Furthermore, Co-alloyed ZnO shows ferromagnetism and large magneto-optical response owing to coupling between charge carriers (excitons) and localized 3d spins. Electro-magneto-optics of quantum structures fabricated by various growth techniques are applied for practical applications based on ZnO-related materials.


Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Magnetic Circular Dichroism Sticking Coefficient Surface Nanowires Resonant Raman Scattering 
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