Nano-optical Imaging and Spectroscopy of Single Semiconductor Quantum Constituents

  • Toshiharu Saiki
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In this chapter, current progress in the instrumentation and measurements of aperture-based near-field scanning optical microscopy and its application to spectroscopic study of semiconductor nanostructures are described. The design and fabrication of the probe with regard to aperture quality and the efficiency of light propagation are carefully examined. The recent dramatic improvements in spatial resolution and optical throughput are demonstrated by single quantum dot spectroscopy.


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We are grateful to M. Ohtsu, S. Mononobe, K. Matsuda, N. Hosaka, H. Kambe, K. Sawada, H. Nakamura, T. Inoue, F. Sato, K. Nishi, H. Saito, Y. Aoyagi, M. Mihara, S. Nomura, M. Takahashi, A. Moto, and S. Takagishi for their assistance and fruitful discussions.


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