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Standard Lamp

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A standard lamp is used as a reference in photometric, radiometric, and colorimetric measurements for which the calibration is traceable to a primary photometric, radiometric, or colorimetric standard. According to the basic and general concepts and the associated terms of the International Vocabulary of Metrology, the measurement standard is routinely used to calibrate or verify measuring instruments or measuring systems. In color applications, the standard lamp is the measurement standard that transfers the quantities from the reference measurement standard in a metrological organization [1, 2].


Colorimeters and spectrometers need to be calibrated against a standard lamp with known standardized data. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standard illuminant A is intended to calibrate typical, domestic, tungsten-filament lamps. Its relative spectral power distribution is that of a Planckian radiator at a temperature of...


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