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Standard Measurement Geometries

  • Bor-Jiunn Wen
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Reflectance and transmittance measurements are partly dependent upon the geometry of illumination and viewing. Accordingly, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has specified illuminating and viewing conditions, namely, 45°:0°a, 45°:0°c, 45°:0°x, 0°:45°, d:0°, 0°:d, de:8°, and di:8°. With the 45°:0° geometry, the sample is illuminated at an angle of 45° from the normal to the sample surface and viewed normal to the sample surface or within 10° of the normal. There are three standard configurations of the geometry: 45°:0°a, 45°:0°c, and 45°:0°x. The 45°:0°a has a 10° wide cone of light incident on the sample at 45° to the sample normal. The “a” in 45°:0°a indicated “annular,” meaning that the 10° cone continues uninterrupted all the way around the sample. 45°:0°c indicates circumferential illumination, which is similar to annular except that it is distributed in discrete locations around the ring. 45°:0°x...


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