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A goniophotometer is an instrument for measuring light distribution in terms of the luminous intensity or illuminance distribution of a light source, a luminaire, a self-luminous display, or a surface by changing the position of a photometer or a goniometer at a clearly defined geometry. A typical goniophotometer usually consists of a mechanical device or robotic jib to support the luminaire to be measured and a photometer or a spectroradiometer, and allows their relative position to be changed to form a spherical locus [1].

By analyzing the optical data of the definite angle of spectral irradiance, the total luminous flux, spectral radiant flux, and color quantities can be obtained. Spectral radiant flux refers to the sum of all the radiant energy emitted per unit of time, by a light source over a specific range of a spectrum. Spectral radiant flux is the basis for deriving important luminaire parameters such as total luminous flux, radiant flux,...


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