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Perceptual Grouping, and Color

  • Daniele Zavagno
  • Olga Daneyko
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Perceptual grouping refers to principles by means of which a set of discrete elements are partitioned into groups by the visual system, thus forming higher-order perceptual units. Perceptual grouping was first studied by Max Wertheimer, one of the fathers of Gestalt psychology [1]. It is a core topic within the studies of perceptual organization, along with figure-ground segmentation [2]. As regards to color, one can consider either the role of color in perceptual grouping or the effects of perceptual grouping on the perception of color. In the first case the focus is on how color can aid and affect the perceptual organization of the visual scene. In the second case the focus is on how the color appearance of a given surface is affected by the color of other surfaces with which it is perceptually grouped.


Perceptual grouping is, along with figure-ground segmentation, a core topic in the studies of perceptual...


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