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Incandescent Lamp

  • Wout van Bommel
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Lamp that produces light as a result of an electrical current through a tungsten wire, contained in a transparent bulb, which heats the metal to incandescence.

Incandescent Lamps

There exists a wide variety of incandescent lamps, ranging from the most common types (usually referred to as general lighting service, GLS, lamps) to reflector lamps, colored lamps, and halogen incandescent lamps [1, 2]. Given the special operating principle and construction of halogen incandescent lamps, these will be dealt with separately under “halogen, halogen lamp.” The most important application area of normal incandescent lamps is home lighting. Because of the low efficacy and short lifetime of incandescent lamps, the more efficient and longer-life gas discharge and solid-state lamp alternatives have become increasingly more important for home lighting. For reasons of sustainability, governments in some parts of the world...


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