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High- and Low-Pressure Sodium Lamp

  • Wout van Bommel
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Lamp that produces light as a result of an electrical discharge, generated between two electrodes, in a sodium vapor that is contained in a transparent bulb.

Sodium Gas Discharge Lamps

Sodium gas discharge lamps can be distinguished in two main groups: low-pressure sodium lamps in which the gas pressure is very low (0.7 Pa or 7.10−6 atm) and high-pressure sodium lamps in which the gas pressure is a factor 10,000–100,000 times higher (10–100 kPa); [2, 3, 4]. Because their construction and performance is in many ways different, they are dealt with in two different sections of this entry.

Low-Pressure Sodium Lamps

Low-pressure sodium lamps belong to the group of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, because they are available in high-light output (and thus high-luminous-intensity) versions. All low-pressure gas discharge lamps have in common the fact that they are long. Low-pressure sodium lamps are highly efficient lamps with a good lifetime...


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