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3D Conforming Delaunay Triangulation

  • Siu-Wing ChengEmail author
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-27848-8_716-1

Years and Authors of Summarized Original Work

1998; Shewchuk

2004; Cohen-Steiner, de Verdière, Yvinec

2006; Cheng, Poon

2012; Cheng, Dey, Shewchuk

Problem Definition

A three-dimensional domain with piecewise linear boundary elements can be represented as a piecewise linear complex (PLC) of linear cells – vertices, edges, polygons, and polyhedra – that satisfy the following properties [ 4]. First, no vertex lies in the interior of an edge and every two edges are interior-disjoint. Second, the boundary of a polygon or polyhedra are union of cells in the PLC. Third, if two cells f and g intersect, the intersection is a union of cells in the PLC with dimensions lower than f or g. A triangulation of an input PLC is conformingif every edge and polygon appear as a union of segments and triangles in the triangulation. Additional Steiner vertices are often necessary. The 3D conforming Delaunay triangulation problem is to construct a triangulation of an input PLC that is both conforming and...


Delaunay refinement Protecting ball Radius-edge ratio Weighted Delaunay triangulation 
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