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Mechanism Design and Differential Privacy

  • Kobbi NisimAffiliated withCNRS, Université Paris 7
  • , David Xiao


Differential privacy Mechanism design Privacy-aware mechanism design Purchasing privacy

Years and Authors of Summarized Original Work

2007; Frank McSherry and Kunal Talwar2011; Arpita Ghosh and Aaron Roth2012; Kobbi Nissim, Claudio Orlandi, and Rann Smorodinsky2012; Lisa Fleischer and Yu-Han Lyu2012; Katrina Ligett and Aaron Roth2013; Yiling Chen, Stephen Chong, Ian A. Kash, Tal Moran, and Salil P. Vadhan2014; Kobbi Nissim, Salil P. Vadhan, and David Xiao

Problem Definition

Mechanism design and private data analysis both study the question of performing computations over data collected from individual agents while satisfying additional restrictions. The focus in mechanism design is on performing computations that are compatible with the incentives of the individual agents, and the additional restrictions are toward motivating agents to participate in the computation (individual rationality) and toward having them report their true data (incentive compatibility). The focus in private data analysis is on performing computations that limit the information leaked by the output o ...

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