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CCCTC-Binding Factor

  • Elena Klenova
  • Dmitri Loukinov
  • Victor Lobanenkov
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CTCF (acronym for a “CCCTC-binding factor”) is a highly conserved and ubiquitous protein with multiple functions, which include regulation of transcription, chromatin insulation, and genomic imprinting.


The CTCF protein was originally identified for its ability to bind to a promoter element of the chicken c-myc gene. The sequence recognized by CTCF contained the CCCTC repeats and therefore the protein was defined as CTCF (the CCCTC-binding factor). However, it was later discovered that other CTCF-target sequences (or CTSs) were remarkably dissimilar, and the term “multivalent transcription factor” was coined for CTCF. Another unusual feature of the CTSs is their length: the analysis of binding patterns of CTCF to multiple sites demonstrated that CTCF requires about 50–60-bp-long sequence to form a complex with DNA.

The ability of CTCF to bind such diverse targets has been attributed to its DNA-binding domain, which is composed of 11 zinc fingers...


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