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Cancer Vaccines

  • Malaya Bhattacharya-Chatterjee
  • Sunil K. Chatterjee
  • Asim Saha
  • Kenneth A. Foon
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A vaccine should activate a unique lymphocyte (B and/or T cell) response, which has an immediate antitumor effect as well as memory response against future tumor challenge (Fig. 1). The primary role of a cancer vaccine is the treatment of cancer or prevention of recurrence in a patient with surgically resected cancer, rather than “prevention” of cancer in a person who has never had cancer. Therefore, cancer vaccines are not thought of in the traditional sense of vaccines that are used for infectious diseases. If the current cancer vaccines prove to be useful in the above respects, then they may have a future role in preventing cancer in persons who have never had cancer but are at high risk for a particular type of cancer.


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