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Thyroid Cancer Treatment

  • John H. Yim
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Thyroid cancer develops from cells in the thyroid, including the follicular thyroid cells (resulting in the most common papillary and follicular thyroid cancers), Hurthle cells (Hurthle cell cancer), parafollicular C cells (resulting in medullary thyroid cancer), and lymphocytes (thyroid lymphoma). Thyroid cells and thyroid cancer cells can become highly undifferentiated and present as the rare but deadly anaplastic thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is the 16th most common cancer worldwide, although there is significant variation from country to country. Worldwide, approximately 298,000 new cases of thyroid cancer were diagnosed in 2012. Currently, thyroid cancer is most commonly detected by physical exam and ultrasound of the neck. Therapy is usually through surgery, often followed by radioactive iodine treatment. Recently, new oral medications have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the treatment of medullary,...


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