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Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells

  • Roman Mezencev
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Consistent with the cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis, ovarian cancer stem cells represent a subset of cancer cells lying at the top of hierarchy of all malignant cells that form the bulk of ovarian cancers. Cancer stem cells display ability to continually sustain tumor growth through their indefinite self-renewal and ability to generate all cancer cell lineages (transit-amplifying cells, differentiated cells) found in particular tumors through their (aberrant) differentiation.


Classification of Ovarian Cancers

Ovarian cancers represent a highly heterogeneous group of diseases with distinct cellular origin, epidemiology, pathogenesis, morphological and molecular characteristics, and clinical course. Considering cell types from which ovarian cancers presumably originate, most ovarian cancers can be classified into three major categories: epithelial (~90 %), sex cord-stromal (~8 %), and...


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