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Probiotics and Cancer

  • Abdul Arif Khan
  • Shahanavaj Khan
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Probiotics are widely used microorganisms which exert health benefits after ingestion in sufficient amount. Their role in the management of gastrointestinal health is already proven. These organisms can also contribute to the management of several diseases including cancer.


The word “pro” is showing “promote” and biotic indicating “life” for probiotic. The probiotic preparation with sufficient number of defined and viable microorganisms exerts positive health effects to the host. Certain patients consume probiotics for modulating intestinal microbiota for health benefits. Bacteria contribute a great share to intestine with weight up to 1 kg. The ratio of microbial to human cells is estimated to be 10:1, with the genome ratio between microbes and human as 100:1. These organisms are responsible for the production of several nutritional factors (including vitamin B, K, folate, and short chain fatty acids), maintenance of normal immune status, etc. Several...


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