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Neuroprotection is the active suppression of damaging neurotoxic conditions in the nervous system in an aim to inhibit apoptosis, neuronal dysfunction, and neurodegeneration of nerve cells. This may be either achieved by endogenous neuroprotectants or by exogenously added pharmacological agents/neuroprotective therapies. Neuroprotective therapies are currently clinically developed both for acute (e.g., stroke) and chronic forms of CNS damage (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). In the context of cancer, neuroprotective strategies aim at limiting the often severe neurotoxic side effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy without affecting the antitumor efficacy of antineoplastic therapies. In addition to the obvious benefits in the quality of life, this may also allow to delay premature termination of cancer treatment and thereby improve the clinical outcome.


Several chemotherapeutic agents are known to have severe neurotoxic activity, and peripheral neuropathy is one of...


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