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Male Breast Cancer

  • Ingrid A. Hedenfalk
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Male breast cancer refers to cancer developing from the rudimentary mammary epithelium of the male breast.


Male breast cancer is a rare disease, accounting for 0.5–1 % of all diagnosed breast cancers in the Western world and <1 % of all cancers diagnosed in males. An increased incidence has been reported from North America and the UK, but reports on survival are contradictory. While the risk of breast cancer death overall has decreased over the past 20–30 years, this does not appear to be the case for men diagnosed with breast cancer. The incidence of male breast cancer increases with age. The mean age at diagnosis is approximately 5–10 years older (approximately 70 years) for men than for women (60–65 years) with breast cancer. Male breast cancer typically presents as a painless subareolar lump, often with nipple involvement and skin ulceration, but diagnosis is often delayed with many individuals presenting with advanced disease. Diagnosis is usually made...


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