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MammaPrint Test

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The MammaPrint test analyzes 70 genes from an early-stage breast cancer tissue sample to figure out if the cancer has a low or high risk of coming back (recurrence) within 10 years after diagnosis.

MammaPrint test results, when considered with other features of the cancer, can assist in making a more informed decision about whether chemotherapy or other treatments to reduce the risk of recurrence are good choices.

Who is Eligible for the MammaPrint Test?

MammaPrint can only be used to analyze early-stage breast cancer ( Early Detection). In the United States, MammaPrint can be used on cancers that are
  • Stage I or stage II

  • Invasive

  • Smaller than 5 cm

  • Lymph node negative (no cancer in the lymph nodes)

Women diagnosed with cancer must be 61 or younger.

Internationally, MammaPrint can be used on cancers that are
  • Stage I or stage II

  • Invasive

  • Smaller than 5 cm

  • In three or fewer lymph nodes

In both the United States and internationally, MammaPrint can be used to analyze cancers that...


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