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Ovarian Cancer Clinical Oncology

  • Maurie Markman
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Ovarian cancer is a malignant neoplasm involving the ovaries. The majority of ovarian cancers consist of epithelial ovarian cancer (Ovarian Cancer Pathology). Treatment of primary cancers of the peritoneum and fallopian tube is generally quite similar (if not identical) to that of epithelial ovarian cancer.


Natural History

In striking contrast to endometrial cancer and cervical cancer, which together with ovarian cancer are responsible for the large majority of female pelvic malignancies, more than 70 % of women with ovarian cancer present with malignant cells documented to be outside the confines of the organ of origin. Further, the cancers in more than 60 % of this population exhibit high-grade histologic features (Ovarian Cancer Pathology), a pattern very different from that of uterus cancer or cervical cancer. These two factors are clinically relevant and have important unfavorable implications for the opportunity to achieve long-term control of the...


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