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Prostate Cancer Stem Cells

  • Zhu A. Wang
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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are rare cancer cells within tumors that manifest normal stem cell properties, namely, the abilities of self-renewal and differentiation into all other types of cancer cells. Cancers harboring CSCs are organized hierarchically with the CSCs driving the growth of the tumor and their differentiated progeny having limited tumorigenic potential. The CSC theory has clinical implications because conventional therapies may kill differentiated cancer cells that constitute the bulk of the tumor but spare the CSCs, which may be particularly resistant. To prevent relapse of the disease, developing novel therapies specifically targeting CSCs is important. First identified in leukemias, CSCs are now prospectively isolated from a variety of solid tumors, although their existence in solid tumors is still controversial due to possible underestimations of tumorigenicity of non-CSCs. In prostate cancer, it is postulated that prostate cancer stem cells (PCSCs) are...


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