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Head and Neck Cancer

  • Guanning N. Lu
  • Kiran Kakarala
  • Sufi M. Thomas
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Head and neck cancer (HNC) encompasses any cancerous/malignant growth in the head or neck region extending to the level of the clavicles inferiorly and generally excluding intracranial and spinal cancers. The vast majority of HNC is caused by squamous cell carcinoma, and this will be the focus of our discussion keeping in mind that many other tumor types exist.


The diversity of tissues in the head and neck anatomic region results in a broad range of tumor types and conditions. Head and neck cancers are classified based on their anatomic location and histopathologic tumor type, and squamous cell carcinoma accounts for 90–95 %.


Head and neck cancers are the fifth most common cancer type and cause for cancer-related deaths and affect approximately 500,000–600,000 people per year worldwide. Incidence varies depending on the geographic location likely due to the prevalence of risk factors and ethnic and genetic differences among populations. For...


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Department of Otolaryngology, University of Kansas Medical Center, and University of Kansas Cancer Center’s CCSG (1-P30-CA168524-02) were the funding sources.


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