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Breast Cancer Stem Cells

  • Pranela Rameshwar
  • Shyam Patel
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Breast cancer stem cells are self-renewing cells that form new tumor cells. They represent a small fraction of cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapeutic agents with some effect on breast cancer stem cells include 5-fluorouracil, platinum-based agents (platinum complexes), taxol, and doxorubicin. The frequency of tumor stem cells varies, depending on tumor type. However, <5 % of tumor cells may exhibit stem-like phenotype with enhanced tumorigenicity as compared with the molecularly heterogeneous population without stem-like property.


Origins of the Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Tumors of many solid organs contain a population of cells with stem-like phenotype. Much evidence has accumulated on breast cancer stem cells, including expression of stem cell markersin heterogeneous populations of breast cancer cells. Nestin, an...


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