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Renal Cancer Treatment

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Renal cancer accounts for 2–3 % of all cancers. Clear-cell carcinoma is the most common anatomopathological form. The widespread prescription of radiological examination (US exam or CT scan) has led to an increase in the discovery of small and usually asymptomatic tumors. The therapeutic care of renal cancers differs depending on whether the tumor is localized or metastatic.


Treatment of Localized Renal Cancer

Surgical Treatment

The reference treatment for localized renal cancer is still surgical. It consists of either an extended nephrectomy (ablation of the kidney together with the adrenal gland and perirenal fat) or nephron-sparing surgery (tumorectomy or partial nephrectomy). Cortical tumors smaller than 40 mm should in theory receive nephron-sparing surgery especially if the patient suffers from renal insufficiency or has only one kidney. Furthermore, some genetic diseases such as von Hippel-Lindau diseasehave a high incidence of bilateral and...


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