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Tissue transglutaminase (TG2; EC is a ubiquitous and most diverse member of the transglutaminase family of enzymes. TG2 catalyzes calcium-dependent posttranslational modification of proteins by inserting highly stable isopeptide bonds between polypeptide chains or by conjugating polyamines to proteins. In addition, TG2 exhibits GTPase activity and can serve as a signal-transduction G protein. Less studied functions of TG2 include its protein disulfide isomerase and protein kinase activities.


TG2 is a multifunctional protein whose expression in some cell types (e.g., endothelial and smooth muscle cells) is constitutively high. In other cell types, TG2s expression is upregulated via discrete signaling pathways, such as those induced by certain stress factors, inflammatory stimuli, differentiation...


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