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Testicular Cancer

  • Axel Heidenreich
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About 90 % of all testicular tumors are malignant germ cell tumors, and the rest comprise benign tumors deriving from Leydig and Sertoli cells and other interstitial components. Testicular germ cell tumors originate from totipotent primordial germ cells, which undergo neoplastic transformation as a result of a number of endogenous, exogenous, hormonal, and genetic, as well as environmental, events. The neoplastic process results in the development of preinvasive carcinoma in situ (CIS) or TIN representing the common precursor for all testicular germ cell tumors, except spermatocytic seminoma.


Testicular cancer represents the most common malignant tumor in young men in the age group of 20–40 years. In 1994, ∼6,800 new cases of testicular cancer were diagnosed in the USA. There are striking differences in TC incidences around the world, with the highest...


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