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Retinoid Receptor Cross-Talk

  • Athanasios G. PapavassiliouEmail author
  • Michalis V. Karamouzis
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The process of intercellular retinoid receptor activation by another activated transcription factor or the alternate. It may also be considered as the cooperation among different signal transduction pathways in various normal and pathological states, whereby activation of retinoid receptors enhances the activity of other transcription factors in the absence of direct activation, thus leading in positive or negative regulation of specific target genes.



Retinoids comprise a group of structural and functional derivatives of vitamin A that are considered physiological regulators of a plethora of essential biological processes, including embryonic development, vision, reproduction, differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis. Pharmacologically, they have been shown to suppress carcinogenesisin a wide gamut of tissues (e.g., skin, respiratory...


Nuclear Receptor Superfamily Retinoid Receptor Transcriptional Cofactor Retinoic Acid Response Element Retinoid Acid Receptor 
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