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Replication Factories and Replication Foci

  • Alessandra MontecuccoEmail author
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These are subnuclear functional domains where genomic DNA replication takes place.


In mammalian cells DNA replication takes place at discrete nuclear sites called replication foci where newly synthesized DNA accumulates. Replication foci can be revealed by pulse-labeling cells with thymidine analogs such as 5-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine (BrdU) or biotinylated dUTP, which are subsequently detected by fluorescent probes. The distribution pattern of replication foci within the nucleus changes according to a precise program during S phase. The succession of these spatial patterns during the course of the S phase of tumor HeLa cells is shown in Fig. 1. During the first 5 h of S phase, replication takes place within many foci distributed throughout the nucleoplasm (type I/II patterns). Several sets of these early-replicating foci are activated over the course of the first half of S phase, each completing DNA synthesis in about 60 min. In mid-S...


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