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Radiation-Induced Sarcomas After Radiotherapy

  • Youlia M. Kirova
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Cahan’s criteria for diagnosis of radiation-induced sarcomas (RIS): (i) history of radiation therapy (RT), (ii) asymptomatic latency period of several years, (iii) occurrence of sarcoma within a previously irradiated field, and (iv) histological confirmation of sarcomatous nature of the postirradiation lesion.


RIS are a rare but recognized complication of RT and are associated with poor prognosis. The first case of bone sarcoma, related to external irradiation was described in 1922 by Beck. Soft tissue sarcoma occurring in the treatment volume after breast cancer was described first by Warren and Sommer in 1936. In 1948, Cahan et al. defined the criteria for the diagnosis of RIS. Independent of RT, chronic lymphedema is an important predisposing factor for angiosarcoma. Stewart and Treves in 1948 were the first to describe six cases of angiosarcoma occurring in...


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