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Palliative Therapy

  • Michael MacManus
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The term “palliative” (from the Latin palliare, to cloak) is often applied to treatment that is given with the intention of reducing the severity of the symptoms of cancer or is intended to slow the progress of the disease. Palliative treatment is given without the intention of providing a cure. Much of the care that is provided to cancer patients is effectively palliative in nature and represents an enormous expenditure of resources by health agencies in developed countries.


A decision to use palliative therapy in cancer implies that the patient has a malignant disease process that has been recognized as being impossible to cure. The use of “radical” or aggressive therapies with curative intent would be futile for such patients. Palliative therapies for cancer are therefore given without any real expectation of permanently eradicating the disease process causing the symptoms, although very rarely, long-term survival and even cure can be an unintended but...


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