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Oncoplastic Surgery

  • Gail S. Lebovic
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Oncoplastic surgery is an evolving surgical subspecialty that combines the principles and techniques of surgical oncology (removal of cancer) with aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.


Historical Background

Breast cancer is not a new disease. Historical documents as early as the Egyptian papyrus writings have noted its existence. Since that time, women have lived in fear of this dreaded disease, the lethal nature of its course, and the often disfiguring surgery that accompanies treatment.

Today, many of those fears can be alleviated. A broad range of new and innovative techniques are now used in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer which has changed the stage of disease that physicians are treating to a much earlier stage. In turn, this has allowed for new surgical modalities such as minimally invasive biopsy and breast conservation. The advances in surgical care and the development of new and successful reconstructive techniques have all stimulated...


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