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NIMA-related kinase 2; Nek2 is a cell cycle-regulated, intracellular protein kinase that contributes to passage of cells through mitosis. Its upregulation in a number of cancer types has raised the possibility that its expression level is important to normal cell division and that it might make a novel cell cycle target for cancer therapy.


Nek2 is a ubiquitously expressed, serine/threonine protein kinase. It localizes to the centrosome and functions in cell cycle control contributing to the correct assembly of the bipolar mitotic spindle upon which chromosomes are segregated. As such, Nek2 belongs to a small group of important protein kinases, including CDK1, Plk1, and Aurora A, that are centrosomal and regulate structural aspects of mitosis. Elevated levels of Nek2 have been detected in a number of human cancer types and cancer-derived cell lines raising the possibility that deregulated Nek2 may contribute to aspects of the disease such as aneuploidy and chro...


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