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MYB is a family of genes related to the C-MYB proto-oncogene. The name of this gene comes from myeloblastosis, the type of leukemia caused by the V-MYB viral oncogene in chickens. All vertebrates contain three related MYB genes: C-MYB (MYB), A-MYB (MYBL1), and B-MYB (MYBL2). The fruit fly and sea urchin have only one closely related MYB gene, whereas the nematode C. elegans appears to have lost the MYB gene during evolution. Other more distantly related MYB-like genes are present in animals, plants, and fungi (Fig. 1).


Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Tumor Suppressor Gene Product Immature Blood Cell Large Multiprotein Complex Heptad Leucine Repeat 
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