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Melanoma Antigens

  • Tobias Peikert
  • Ulrich Specks
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Melanoma antigens are a group of tumor antigens. Proteasomal cleavage of these intracellular proteins generates small antigenic peptides. The presentation of these peptides in conjunction with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules facilitates an immune response promoting the destruction of the melanoma antigen-expressing cancer cells.



Over the years, several reports have documented cancer patients mounting immune responses against their malignancies. Most of these cases are characterized by massive lymphocytic infiltration of the tumor tissue, which leads to the destruction of the malignant cells and eventually to either partial or complete disease remission. Compared to other human malignancies, these immunologic phenomena are most frequently observed in malignant melanomas. This observation led researchers to focus their investigations on this particular tumor. Following experiments documenting...


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