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APC/β-Catenin Pathway

  • Pat J. Morin
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The terms Wnt pathway and APC/β-catenin pathway have been used interchangeably. Because some Wnt proteins have β-catenin-independent effects, and since β-catenin can be affected by upstream pathways other than Wnt, the term APC/β-catenin is used here.


The APC/β-catenin pathway is a signal transduction pathway important in development and tumorigenesis. Signaling by this pathway is defined as the stabilization of β-catenin and transcriptional activation of several target genes.


β-Catenin is a multifunctional protein with roles in adhesion and signal transduction. The adhesion properties of β-catenin reflect its ability to interact with E-cadherinat the cellular membrane, and the alteration of this important cellular function has been associated with an increased invasion potential of cancer cells. In addition to this important role, β-catenin is also found in a cytoplasmic/nuclear pool and is believed to act as a signal transduction molecule....


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