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Locoregional Therapy

  • Teh-Ia Huo
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There has been no clear definition for locoregional therapy. Most often, locoregional therapy refers to various minimally invasive therapeutic procedures. With the aid of ultrasound guidance, an antitumoral device, drug, or chemical is introduced directly into the tumor and causes tumor death.


For most human cancers, surgical resection remains the standard treatment modality. However, resection is sometimes possible in only a minority of patients. When surgical treatment is less likely to perform, physicians may choose other therapeutic procedures. Among the available methods, locoregional therapy has been frequently used to treat cancer. It is so named because the tumors can often be treated locally. The best example to demonstrate the role and usefulness of locoregional therapy is applying this kind of therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, or HCC, which is a primary liver cancer originated from transformed liver...


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