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Angiogenesis is the formation of new capillary vasculature out of pre-existing blood vessels under the regulation of growth factors and inhibitors. It occurs in physiological (e.g., wound healing, ovulation, placental growth) and pathological (e.g., cancer, arthritis, inflammation) conditions.


The formation of new blood vessels out of pre-existing capillaries, the process that is called angiogenesis, is a sequence of events that is of key importance in a broad array of physiologic and pathologic processes. Normal tissue growth such as in embryonic development, wound healing, and the menstrual cycle is characterized by dependence on new vessel formation for the supply of oxygen and nutrients as well as for removal of waste products. Also, in a large number of different and non-related diseases, formation of new vasculature is involved in abnormal physiology. Among these pathologies are diseases such...


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