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The proto-oncogene HER-2/neu (ERBB2) is located on chromosome band 17q21.1 and encodes a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase. The name for the HER-2 protein is derived from “human epidermal growth factor receptor” as it features substantial homology with the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).


The HER-2/neu (p185neu) protein belongs to a family of closely related growth factor receptors including.
  • HER-1 (ERBB1), EGFR

  • HER-2 (ERBB2)

  • HER-3 (ERBB3)

  • HER-4 (ERBB4)

HER-2/neu gene amplificationand protein overexpression have been identified in 10–34 % of breast cancers, and patients whose breast cancers contain HER-2/neu aberrations have a poor prognosis. The prognostic impact of HER-2/neu amplification was initially most convincing in patients with axillary lymph node metastases. By contrast, a prognostic role was less compelling in patients with localized...


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