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Glutathione Conjugate Transporter RLIP76

  • Kenneth Drake
  • Sanjay Awasthi
  • Yogesh C. Awasthi
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RLIP76 is a multifunctional protein important for utilizing the energy currency adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to transport various chemical materials outside the cell. Through this transport process, this transporter protein converge many cell signaling processes through the modulation of substrate levels or the contribution of protein–protein interactions to stimulate cell signaling. Overexpression of RLIP76 has been correlated to contribute to the phenomenon known as multidrug resistance. This protein is also known to have a clinical impact in addition to multidrug resistance toward inflammation, heat and oxidative stress, radiation, and a culmination of these stressors allowing it to contribute to general stress resistance.


Ral-interacting protein 76 kDa (RLIP76), a known Ral effector, is a 655 amino acid long protein capable of the ATP-dependent transport of glutathione conjugates (GS-E, adducts of...


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