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ERM Proteins

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The ERM family consists of three closely related proteins, ezrin, radixin, and moesin. ERM proteins are cell membrane and cytoskeleton linker proteins.


History, Structure, and Sequence

Ezrin, the prototype ERM protein, is a 585-amino acid polypeptide, first identified as a constituent of microvilli and shown to be present in actin-containing surface structure on a wide variety of cells. ERM proteins share homology in sequence structure and function. They are composed of three domains: an N-terminal globular domain, an extended α-helical domain, and a charged C-terminal domain. The N-terminal domain of ERM proteins is highly conserved and is also found in merlin, band 4.1 proteins, and members of the band 4.1 superfamily. This domain is called FERM (four point one protein, ezrin, radixin, moesin) domain. The crystal structure of moesin revealed that the FERM domain is composed of three structural modules that, together, form a...


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