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Endosomal Compartments

  • Vincent Dammai
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In eukaryotic cells, receptor-mediated endocytosis releases cargo-loaded vesicles at the plasma membrane. The vesicle content pass through a series of discontinuous closed membrane systems called endosomal compartments. In strict sense, endosomal compartments are temporal sorting stations where the fate of endocytosed cargo is determined.


Eukaryotic cells internalize a variety of extracellular material (cargo) either nonspecifically, by phagocytosis and pinocytosis, or selectively through receptor-mediated endocytosis. In phagocytosis, specialized cells (e.g., macrophagesand neutrophils) engulf large particles such as cell debris, bacteria, and viruses. Pinocytosis, exhibited by all cell types, involve uptake of extracellular fluid continually as tiny droplets (micropinocytosis) or sometimes as large droplets (macropinocytosis). By contrast, receptor-mediated...


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