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Fumaric acid is one of two isomeric unsaturated dicarboxylic acids with the formula HO2CCH=CHCO2H (the other being maleic acid with carboxylic acid groups in cis). Reactions with alcohol create fumaric acid esters (FAE) and water.

Chemistry and Pharmacodynamics

Dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is a lipophilic ester of fumaric acid (Fumaric acid is a dicarbonic acid and a component of the intracellular citric acid cycle). DMF is rapidly hydrolyzed to methyl hydrogen fumarate (MHF) in aqueous solutions at physiological pH.

In both DMF and MHF, nucleophiles can be added to the double bonds in the center of the molecule by a so-called Michaelis-type addition. Thus, they interact with thiols, as given in the tripeptide glutathione (GSH) or with cystein residues in larger proteins. This reactivity of DMF is higher than that of MHF (Fig. 1).


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