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Cyclin G-Associated Kinase

  • Mira R. Ray
  • Paul S. Rennie
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GAK/auxilin-2 is the ubiquitously expressed form of the neuronal-specific protein Auxilin-1. GAK is a member of the Ark/Prk serine/threonine protein kinases family and has an important role in endocytosis, un-coating clathrin-coated vesicles (CCVs) in nonneuronal cells, and clathrin-dependent trafficking from the trans-Golgi network. GAK has been implicated as a transcriptional coactivator of the androgen receptor (AR) and may have a role in prostate cancer progression to androgen-independent disease. Expression patterns during androgen-withdrawal therapy suggest a prognostic role for GAK in advanced prostate cancer.


GAK is a large, 140 kDa protein that has three functional domains: (i) an NH 2-terminal Ser/Thr kinase domain, (ii) a central Auxilin/Tensin homology domain, and (iii) a COOH-terminal J-domain (Fig. 1). Although GAK was initially identified by its association with cyclin G, which is a downstream transcriptional target and...


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