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Conjugated Linolenic Acids

  • Kazuo Miyashita
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Conjugated linolenic acid (CLN) is a general term for the geometrical and positional isomers of octadecatrienoic (18:3) acid with three conjugated double bonds. Conjugated linolenic acids occur in several terrestrial plants (mainly seed oils). They include α-eleostearic acid (9 cis(c),11 trans(t),13t-18:3), catalpic acid (9t,11t,13c-18:3), punicic acid (9c,11t,13c-18:3), calendic acid (8t,10t,12c-18:3), and jacaric acid (8c,10t,12c-18:3) (Fig. 1). High contents of calendic acid, punicic acid, and α-eleostearic acid are found in seed oils of pot marigold, pomegranate, and tung/bitter gourd, respectively.


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