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Adjuvant Chemoendocrine Therapy

  • Lorenzo Gianni
  • Alberto Ravaioli
  • Valentina Arcangeli
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Adjuvant chemoendocrine therapy is a combination of chemotherapy and hormonal treatments that may be administered to patients after surgery for a nonmetastatic tumor with the goal of decreasing the risk of cancer recurrence.


Adjuvant chemoendocrine therapy is potentially useful for tumors which are responsive to both cytotoxic chemotherapy and hormonal interventions. The growth of these types of tumors is boosted by hormones and usually it may be limited not only by blocking these hormones but also by chemotherapy. Adjuvant chemoendocrine therapy is a standard treatment for early breast cancer, while it is experimental in prostate cancer, and it is not generally an option in other tumors with possible endocrine responsiveness such as endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer.

Breast Cancer

Surgery generally remains the first step for...


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