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Geological Timescale

  • Felix M. Gradstein
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The Geologic Time Scale is the framework for deciphering and understanding the long and complex history of the Earth. Understanding the physical, chemical, and biological processes since the Earth formed requires a detailed and accurate timescale. The timescale is the tool “par excellence” of the geological trade (Gradstein et al. 2004; Ogg et al. 2008).


British geologist Arthur Holmes (1890–1965) was the first to combine radiometric ages with geologic formations in order to create a geologic timescale. His book, The Age of the Earth (1913, 2nd edition 1937), written when he was only 22, had a major impact on those interested in geochronology. For his pioneering scale, Holmes carefully plotted four radiometric dates, one in the Eocene and three in the Paleozoic from radiogenic helium and lead in uranium minerals against estimates of the accumulated maximum thickness of Phanerozoic sediments. If we ignore sizable error margins, the base of Cambrian interpolates at...


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