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Moodies Group

  • Christoph HeubeckEmail author
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The Moodies Group is the uppermost stratigraphic unit in the Barberton Supergroup, the sedimentary-volcanic fill of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa and Swaziland. It is one of the oldest well-preserved shallow-water sedimentary sequences on Earth, reaches up to approximately 3.7 km in thickness and is, north of the Inyoka Fault, 3,224 ± 1 – 3,219 ± 10 Ma old (Heubeck et al. 2013). Its stratigraphic architecture, facies, petrography, age, and style of deformation allow detailed insights in mid-Archean surface conditions. The equivalent to the Moodies Group in Swaziland is the Malolotsha Group (Lamb 1984, 1987).


Hall (1918) originally defined the Moodies Series, named after a local land surveyor, to include all sedimentary units in the BGB. The modern definition and use of the Fig Tree and Moodies Groups go back to Visser et al. (1956). Anhaeusser (1976) subdivided the Moodies Group in three formally defined formations (Joe’s Luck, Clutha, and...


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