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Borate is a common oxoanion (BO33−) found in borate minerals (e.g., boracite, borax, kernite, colemanite, etc.), some borosilicates (e.g., tourmaline), and in association with natural carbonates. In natural aqueous environments, borates exist in equilibrium with boric acid B(OH)3° and borate anion B(OH)4 . The pH-dependent equilibrium between these species in seawater (pKa = 8.597, (Dickson 1990)) is accompanied by boron isotope fractionation of 27.2‰ (Klochko et al. 2006). The two naturally occurring and stable isotopes are 11B (80.1 %) and 10B (19.9 %). The mass difference results in a wide range of boron isotopic compositions in terrestrial environments, and boron isotopic compositions in marine carbonates have been used as a paleo-pH proxy of the oceans (Hemming and Hanson 1992). Borates have also been found to stabilize ribose (Ricardo et al. 2004), which may have been important for the origin of life on early Earth, although the prebiotic availability of borate...


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