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CONAE, Argentina

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The “Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales” (CONAE) is the space agency for Argentina. Argentina’s first activities in the space field date back to 1961, when the National Commission for Space Research (Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales, CNIE) was first established within the Argentine air forces area. With other local and international organizations, CNIE carried out, by means of rockets and stratospheric balloons, the first Southern Hemisphere scientific atmospheric studies, which included wind measuring and assessment of neutral atmosphere dynamics using the alkaline clouds technique. Together with the Argentine Institute of Aeronautics and Space Research, CNIE designed and constructed a family of one- and two-stage sounding rockets.

In 1991, the Argentine Government decreed the creation of this National Commission for Space Activities as a civil organization. Since 1996, this specialized agency accomplishes its mission...


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