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Clean Room

  • Gerda Horneck
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A clean room is a workplace, generally a room, where the air is permanently filtered to remove the particles. In some cases, the temperature and atmospheric humidity are also controlled while the number of particles is monitored. The access is strictly limited to trained personnel entering through a double door after they dress with protective garment to avoid the spreading of skin particles and hair. In such clean rooms, the laboratory hardware, the lab wear of the personnel, and the number of people working simultaneously are also specified to limit the spreading of dust and particles. Clean rooms are used in industry to perform the tasks requiring the maximum cleanliness such as the production of microprocessors, hard disk drives, and precision optical elements.

Minimizing the number of particles minimizes also the number of airborne microorganisms and subsequently the contamination of the surfaces.

Clean rooms are required for the assembly of the satellites and of the...


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